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With our customized VR software training and simulations, you can ensure a highly specialized and result-oriented production process. Work with us to create better standards in your workforce, and take your employee efficiency to the next level.
● Virtual Reality Workforce Training
● VR-AR-MR Labs
● VR Simulations

Augmented Reality Technology

Enhance your visualization with SImbott’s AR software development expertise. Use our tools to develop cutting-edge skill development and transform your training processes. We offer effortless and immersive learning experiences for all your production needs.
● AR in Maintenance and Remote Assistance
● Product Visualization
● Augmented Showrooms and Exhibition

Mixed Reality Technology

Simbott’s MR software solutions integrated with your industry To transform all your training programs, tests, and evaluations. Improve workforce performance to reach the Industry 4.0 Standards
● Real Estate Visualization
● Fire and Safety Training
● Remote Troubleshooting

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Invest in upgrading critical skills and talent with Immersive VR, AR, MR Training to build a smart organization.

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Virtual Reality (VR) Welding - The Future of Training

Virtual reality is a technology via which one can be transported to simulated training situation. With our strong focus on providing specialized vocational training, we have introduced online welding simulators powered by virtual reality. It not only allows tradesmen to learn welding techniques from the comfort of their home, it has also opened new avenues of learning. Virtual reality welding processes have been created with the use of immersive technology. Offering an innovative and user-friendly digital experience, we strive to transform trades training, forever.

Saving the Trade

We combat the scarcity of both educators and certified professionals with our VR (Virtual Reality) training and archive of skilled tutors.

Training with Haptics

VR (Virtual Reality) Simulators let you learn not just with the eyes, but via sound, touch and lived experience, resulting in effective learning.

Eliminating Risk

We reduce the probability of injury that occurs in outdated teaching techniques for novice trainees.

Our Products

Curating the best technology and training products for you.

The Welding Simulator

Virtual Reality (VR) Welding Simulator

Simbott’s welding simulator functions on Virtual Reality technology that helps you learn the trade efficiently, affordably, and interactively.

Meet Team Simbott

We work hard, so you can train smart.

SIMBOTT is a revolutionary digital experience that helps you acquire specialized vocational training in welding and spray painting techniques – all from the safety and comfort of virtual reality training tools!

We’re bringing the art of welding and spray painting into the 21st century!

Decades ago, our company’s forefathers sparked the idea of forever changing the welding industry, and SIMBOTT is here to continue that great legacy, but with a focus on modernity, affordability, innovation, and virtual technology

The advanced welding simulation software is designed to offer seamless training to students, allowing access to anyone, anywhere. Virtual reality is the future of education. And we have employed this technique to create unique learning platforms. The Welding Simulator price is also quite reasonable. It helps to develop and improve fine motor skills, allowing students to get a realistic overview of the actual processes. The Welding Simulator will provide students hands-on experience of welding and spray painting. Going forward, we aspire to include newer vocational training packages into our system.

Eco-friendly Innovation

SIMBOTT is not only safe, affordable and innovative – it’s also eco-friendly. We reduce your overhead on raw materials, while increasing your certification success rate.

100% No-complaint Rate

As your partners in progress of digital trade training, we provide access to an extensive archive of professional guidance as well as customer care services.

Globalising Trade Skills

Our VR Technology has created a seamless digital experience that brings the gap between tradesman and the manufacturing industry, making it globally accessable.

Our approach to training is completely unique and our team of trained professionals create virtual-reality simulators that are designed to transform trades education. We believe in offering training that is unlike any other in the industry.

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