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Gear up for the future with our VR, AR and MR solutions to scale new heights in Aviation and Aerospace.

Skill Development and Digitization

With our VR AR training and simulations, you can ensure a highly specialized and result-oriented production process. Work with us to create better standards in your workforce, and take your employee efficiency to the next level.

Futuristic AR, VR, MR Simulations

Use our tools to develop cutting-edge skill development and transform your training processes. We offer effortless and immersive learning experiences for all your production needs.

Industry 4.0 Technology & Solutions

Simbott’s Skill Development integrated with Industry To give you a comprehensive view of all your training programs, tests, and evaluations. Improve workforce performance to reach the Industry 4.0 Standards

The Best in Aviation and Aerospace VR, AR, MR solutions

Take your work to the next level by partnering with Simbott to achieve top-quality Training and Skill Development in the Aviation Industry. We offer a wide range of AR, VR, MR simulations and Industry 4.0  to transform your work into a seamless and flawless endeavour. Eliminate human error and defects by setting new standards of quality and training using our tools. Enhance the skill levels of all your workers, from engineers to technicians – we bring you the best platforms to Empower your Workforce to set new standards of excellence in the industry.

Manufacturing and Design

  • After a rough idea of the product design is developed,you can create a CAD model. With our technology, create the CAD model in a virtual space and experience the product in VR rather than just see it on a screen.
  • Simulate all the calculations with regard to the propulsion technology being used, the airflow, stress analysis, conduct Finite Element Analysis and integrate all these into your final product design.
  • Understand how airflow takes place over different types of surfaces. Visualize this in VR. Also understand how turbulent air flow affects the behavior of the aircraft.
  • Understand how turbulence can be managed. See how different parts like the fuselage, wings, tail, nose, turbines, power unit packaging are geared to reduce the drag coefficient and increase streamlined air flow.
  • Enable visualization and interaction with aircraft CAD geometry by providing an environment identical to the physical mockup of the aircraft using the concept of an Immersive Digital Twin. 
  • Use Simbott’s VR tech to verify the design process and make it more efficient, and make your manufacturing process far more productive.

Remote Maintenance of Aircraft

  • Create an Immersive Digital Twin of the aircraft and its components. Superimpose this virtually on the actual aircraft and provide details about the components.
  • Easily identify any problem and the required maintenance to fix it.  Customize our tech to best suit your training and skill development needs for an impeccable immersive experience. 
  • The Immersive Digital Twin provides real time updates on the status of all the machinery and components on board. This is read and continually analysed by flight engineers. 
  • In case of any emergency or problem detected by the engineers, receive immediate assistance and feedback. 
  • Troubleshoot your system with our VR solutions –  track the entire procedure and components of your aircraft. Detect an error whenever and wherever it occurs, immediately.
  • Resolve the issues quickly and effectively without having to delay the flight and thereby avoid staying grounded. 

Learning and Training

  • Provide basic to professional level knowledge of aerospace and aviation engineering to the studetnts, and ensure that the people who work on your project can visualize the end product.
  • Make sure your employees understand basic concepts of propulsion technology, turbines, aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics.
  • With Simbott VR technology, create an environment that is very detailed – a replica of the environment that the operators will work in. Operators can gauge the environment that they shall be working in by interacting with the system
  • Revel in the benefit of saving capital as it is much more cost-efficient to conduct all training without actually having to put your aircraft in the air.
  • With VR tech from Simbott, enable visualization to assist in the learning of concepts like airflow, CFD analysis, propulsion technology, turbine blade design and efficiency, etc. Understand how aerofoil shapes are developed and how they behave at varying speeds and in varying conditions (normal and turbulent)
  • Keep conducting research on how to improve efficiency by decreasing drag coefficient. Make aerodynamic advancements, improve cooling by directing airflow efficiently over the engines, make the surface shape more streamlined. 

Emergency Handling Training

  • Facilitate training of in-flight personnel in multiple  situations to assist the passengers by creating an Immersive Digital twin to replicate the flight environment. 
  • Superimpose the structure of the cabin virtually to train operators in opening the doors, learn how to exit the cabin through multiple exits to facilitate evacuation. Train personnel in the use of emergency water basins, deploying of the slide towers in case of fire with specially developed modules by firefighters.
  • Prepare your operators for all possible scenarios by recreating them virtually using an Immersive Digital Twin.
  • Study the eventualities of each scenario and train for them until the set goal is accomplished.

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