Strive for the best in Education and Vocational Training

Push the boundaries of the impossible with Virtual and Augmented Technology from Simbott to bridge the academia and practical skills gap.

Skill Development and Digitization

With our VR AR training and simulations, you can ensure a highly specialized and result-oriented production process. Work with us to create better standards in your workforce, and take your employee efficiency to the next level.

Futuristic AR, VR, MR Simulations

Use our tools to develop cutting-edge skill development and transform your training processes. We offer effortless and immersive learning experiences for all your production needs.

Industry 4.0 Technology & Solutions

Simbott’s Skill Development integrated with Industry To give you a comprehensive view of all your training programs, tests, and evaluations. Improve workforce performance to reach the Industry 4.0 Standards

The Best in Aviation and Aerospace VR, AR, MR solutions

Take your work to the next level by partnering with Simbott to achieve top-quality Training and Skill Development in the Aviation Industry. We offer a wide range of AR, VR, MR simulations and Industry 4.0  to transform your work into a seamless and flawless endeavor. Eliminate human error and defects by setting new standards of quality and training using our tools. Enhance the skill levels of all your workers, from engineers to technicians – we bring you the best platforms to Empower your Workforce to set new standards of excellence in the industry.

Virtual Labs and Experimentations

  • With VR technology, enjoy guided assistance with annotation in each procedure you conduct in the lab.
  • See the process happen before you do it with AR technology.
  • With the possibility of establishing a real time link to a Digital Twin of an industry or machine, provide an exposure to the industry right from the classroom.
  • Watch pre-crafted learning modules in AR to see exactly how the experiment is to be conducted.
  • Understand and practice any and all hazardous experiments without actually having to be physically put in danger.
  • Make changes to your handling of heavy machinery and hazardous chemicals without risking safety.

Vocational Training and Industry Training

  • Understand how to operate heavy machinery like the EGM lathe machine Training, drilling machine Training  etc. in a virtual environment
  • Understand basic concepts like the material removal patterns, tool wear, burr formation, spindle movement characteristics, eccentric turning, taper turning, etc. with ease as it can be experienced with VR and AR technology.
  • Provide real-time hands-on  training to students/employees with Simbott VR and AR tech. When learning happens by doing, it is understood easier. It develops creativity and generates an emotional response to learning. Also, since many students are visual learners, VR is a boon.
  • Create an Immersive Digital Twin of a product/machinery that the student/operator is to be trained in.  With this, make them understand how the equipment is operated in a virtual environment.
  • With this modern teaching-learning process, improve the amount of knowledge that students retain when they leave the classroom.
  • When learning happens by doing, students understand. Once something is truly understood, it is never forgotten.

Virtual and Augmented Learning Concepts

  • Make the classroom a far more effective learning place with VR and AR education modules. VR provides the feeling of presence, that enables students to learn by living the experience. It is easy to forget that VR isn’t real. A body actually believes that it is in a new place. This engages the student mind in a remarkable way.
  • Overcome the bridge between theoretical knowledge and using VR technology from Simbott by helping students visualize concepts frame by frame, thereby providing in-depth knowledge.
  • With visualization, concepts are understood in a far more effective manner, making learning a faster and more efficient process.
  • With VR and AR technology, increase the pace with which students grasp concepts and begin to think of ways to apply them constructively.
  • In case  visiting learning institutions is not a possibility, make utmost use of VR and AR tech to keep the learning process going
  • In times where being physically present is impossible (pandemics, in particular Covid-19), VR and AR tech from Simbott provides an easy, effective and efficient method of quality learning.

STEM Modules and Understanding

  • Science is an area where VR and AR technologies are the most applicable. Certain concepts that cannot be understood easily with conventional learning methods can be visualized and understood in a virtual environment.
  • Stimulate different thought processes in students with state of the art learning aids.
  • Visualize scientific, technical, engineering concepts by experiencing them in a virtual environment. Promote exploration of concepts and experimentation in students, thereby widening their knowledge base.
  • Develop new technologies by encouraging individual learning and harnessing ideas from budding student minds
  • Ensure key critical concepts are understood by the students. With attractive presentations, good structures, interactive learning modules, fun learning material, ensure that students enjoy the process of learning.
  • Use features like annotation, virtual environment developing, AR, Immersive Digital Twin replication, etc. to aid Classroom Education

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